Political reasons behind NSA against Varun, says Omar

Written by Political Bureau | New Delhi | Updated: Apr 3 2009, 05:56am hrs
Sharply criticising the Mayawati government for invoking NSA against Varun Gandhi, J&K chief minister Omar Abdullah has maintained that the decision may have to do more with political reasons than legal grounds.

While contending that he found Varuns remarks distateful, the youngest chief minister held the view that the hate speech made by Varun Gandhi, the BJPs Lok Sabha candidate from Pilibhit, did not threaten national security. It was a hate speech but it didnt threaten national security. I am sure there are other rules and other laws that could have been used, he told a newschannel.

The J&K chief minister has contended that Varun might not have been slapped with charges under NSA if elections were not on. If we werent in the the middle of an election season which tends to become a silly season, possibly this act (NSA) wouldnt have been used. I have a feeling that the use of NSA is perhaps more political than actually legally required, Abdullah said.

The National Conference leader, however, was critical of Varun using such language against Muslims. He said he did not expect such remarks from somebody with that background, that education, having studied in the United Kingdom and belonging to the family he does. I know his party is supposed to have some influence on him but I didnt expect the influence to be that strong he said. Abdullah said that what was shocking to him is that Varun is a member of the Gandhi family and a person who has seen much more than those belonging to his age group in the country.