Policy reservation for SSI demanded

New Delhi, January 30: | Updated: Jan 31 2002, 05:30am hrs
Policy reservation of items in the leather and leather manufacturing sector for small scale industry (SSI) needs to be reconsidered for modernising and augmenting productivity, quality, variety and in achieving economic cost of production, according to the medium term export strategy document.

It has suggested encouraging more foreign direct investment (FDI) in key sub-sectors like footwear components, tanning and designing. It says FDI could bring not only large inflow of funds but also superior technology.

The export strategy calls for a re-look at the current policy for tanning sector given the high demand for leather and India’s potentiality with high bovine population.

There is a need to identify and support large and strong exporters and alliance with overseas exporters of Germany who mainly re-export. It says there is a need to focus on new items like leather upholstery which is an emerging product and likely to offer good growth. It has called for special project creating capacity for design development within the country at the main production centres.

The policy has also identified other items like sports, games, toys, festival and carnival items and minerals and ores. It says “these are simple items and not much sophistication is involved, but potential is high.”