PM worried about tape leaks, not govts credibility: Advani

Written by Political Bureau | New Delhi | Updated: Dec 16 2010, 05:20am hrs
NDA chairman LK Advani claimed on Tuesday that the Congresss opposition to a JPC probe stemmed from a design to shield the beneficiaries of the 2-G Spectrum allocation scandal. He attacked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his announcement that he had directed the cabinet secretary to inquire in to the leakage of (Radia) tapes, saying it was surprising that The PM is worried only about that and not about the credibility of his Cabinet whose formation had been influenced by corporate lobbyists.

He was speaking to the media a day after the Winter Session of Parliament came to an end without transacting any substantial business.

The NDA leader said the twin considerations for the Congress were: one, it did not want the corruption to be examined minutely by MPs because that would have kept it alive far longer than the ruling party wanted; two, the money trail would have led to the people whom the Congress was desperate to shield. Otherwise, the Congress has no logical explanation for its stand against a JPC inquiry, he added.

The Congress stands isolated on the JPC issue, Advani said claiming that not just Opposition parties, even (UPA) allies have told us that they want a JPC.

The session, according to him, had been washed out due to the sheer obduracy of the Congress. On the other hand, the Opposition, by disrupting proceedings, had been able to keep the issue of corruption in focus. Had it opted for a discussion on corruption, the whole issue would have been talked out.

He said while the Congress was talking in terms of wastage of public money due to a dysfunctional Parliament, people everywhere want to know who has embezzled Rs 1.76 lakh crore.

He said: "It appears that UPA government is not formed by the PM. For long, we were under the wrong impression that it is formed by 10 Janpath. But now, it turns out that it is neither the Congress president nor the PM who forms the government.".

He announced that the Opposition will follow up the December-22 anti-corruption rally at Delhi with big public meetings at 11 places in different states.