Plot shapes and effects

Updated: Jun 26 2005, 05:30am hrs
In the traditional Vaastu, evaluating land was an extensive subject. In general, the land under consideration should be devoid of rocks and ditches, the soil should be fertile and clean smelling, plants should be plentiful and animals should want to graze on it.

The shape of the plot is of primary consideration. Vaastu considers a square to be the most perfect, stable and sacred form. A rectangular plot is also auspicious and so is any other plot with an even number of sides. Square plots denote prosperity, peace and happiness; rectangular plots ensure health and prosperity.

A triangular plot or a plot with three corners is associated with negative energies, which bring in a lot of problems. Circular or other irregular shaped plots will always cause mental turbulence and not let the inhabitants dwell in peace.

A Sher Mukh (lion faced) plot is a plot that is wider on the front (side facing the road) than on the rear side is good for commercial rather residential use. Where as a Gau Mukhi is narrow in front and broad at the back is good for residential purposes, however a plot extending towards the northeast is good for both.

The levels of the plot play an important role too. According to Vaastu, the ground levels should be higher in the south and west as compared to the north and east, and lowest in the northeast corner. This is good for all spheres of prosperity and happiness. If the levels in the north and east are higher, they cause bad luck in all areas of life. A low northeast guarantees health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

However, it is not possible to get a perfectly shaped plot all the time. But, Vaastu has remedial measures to eradicate this problem:

If you have a plot with the northeast cut off, it is like having a headless body.

If additional land along the missing portion is available, purchase it immediately. You can also bifurcate by simply constructing a wooden fence or a hedge, or grow plenty of plants in the missing area.

A plot with a northwest cut off is not good. It can create relationship problems. Plants and a light point in the missing area are suggested.

Plots with southwest or southeast cutoff are also considered inauspicious as they bring in ill health and financial troubles. Tall /citrus plants is the answer.

The check list for slopes is as follows:

It is prescribed that a land sloping towards east is auspicious. For buildings where the set back at the front and rear has to be the same, landscape in such a manner that the western side is higher than East.

Land sloping towards north is also considered good.

Land sloping towards west is not considered good. But if the soil smells nice, earth can be dug out from the northern / eastern corner and filled in the west, thereby making the land slope towards north and east.

For land sloping towards south, which is also not considered good, the same exercise suggested for western sloping plot can be carried out. This will make the land slope towards East or north and unwanted energies can be negated.

While selecting a plot Vaastu looks at many features shape of plot, land slope, plot face, conditions etc.

The decision regarding a plot of land should not be based on any single factor in isolation.

A plot should be accepted or rejected keeping in mind the cumulative effect of all factors. The broad demarcations, are of paramount importance, and should be kept in mind when purchasinga plot.

What are the effects of Slopes

Low level (depression) Effects on the owner East: Increase in luxury and fame, age

Aagneya (Southeast): If lower than Vayavya and Eeshan, it will cause danger of fire, enemies and is inauspicious; if lower than Nairitya, it is auspicious.

South: Diseases and economic losses

Nairitya( Southwest): Diseases, untimely eath and causes addiction

West: Harmful for children, loss of wealth and health

Vayavya(northwest): Auspicious if lower than Nairitya and Aagneya, causes troubles, diseases and litigations if lower than Eeshan

North: Always brings good, increases comfort and prosperity

Eeshan (Northeast): Gain of all luxuries, comfort, wealth and prosperity

Center: Very much inauspicious and baneful

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