Playing On Price

Updated: Jun 30 2002, 05:30am hrs
Drink till you drop and eat till you burst for a flat Rs 995 At best, that would fit the bill for a promotional strategy for a downmarket restaurant or a roadside dhaba, surely not a hotel that boasts of being the only seven star in New Delhi! The Grand Hyatt Delhis invitation last week for its All You Can Eat N All You Can Drink fiesta, on till July 7 at Caraway, made me wonder initially. But, I reckoned then, considering the Indian consumers strong insistence on value for his money, this might just be a successful strategy. Of course, the Rs 995 does not include taxes.

Implicit in the offer is the fact that the hotel is looking beyond its regular visitors. Agrees Animesh Ghatak, director (Marketing), Grand Hyatt Delhi, Over the last one year, nothing is happening in the hotel business. The September 11 incident and, very recently, the heightened tension between India and Pakistan have dampened visitor arrivals.

Saddled with largescale cancellation of bookings like most other luxury hotels in the country, Grand Hyatt Delhi has been looking for a suitable promotional programme. It was then that we approached UDV India Ltd, says Mr Ghatak. We have a longstanding relationship with the liquor manufacturing company and they are sponsoring the liquor under this promotion, while Grand Hyatt is sponsoring the food.

Caraway is open only for dinner, so step in one evening and let Chef Anil Khurana dish out his wide variety of sizzling kebabs for your gustatory pleasure.

If you are a vegetarian, start with the Mushroom Kurkure, button mushrooms with ginger, onion, coriander and cheese. Delightfully crisp! Then move on to the tangy Aloo Chat, fried potatoes tossed in a tamarind dip.

Non-vegetarians predictably have more of a choice, from Chooza Chaad, spring chicken salad with spring onions and black pepper to Gosht-e-Khaas, cubes of lamb with onion and green capsicum, and Achari Tangri, chicken drumsticks cooked in aniseed and mustard oil.

Sadly, the choice of liquor is limited. Theres no problem if you are a lover of Black & White Scotch whisky or Smirnoff vodka, for these are the only two brands UDV India Ltd is offering at the promotion. In beer, you can ask for Kingfisher.

For the main course, I tried the Tandoori Murg, the Raan-e-Caraway, a lamb steak and the Seekh Kebab. The Raan-e-Caraway was a little overdone and, hence, a bit hard. Probably done to suit the Indian palate. The other two were delicious and so filling, I really could not work my way around to dessert! Try it out for yourself.