Pilots must announce plane truth

New Delhi, Nov 20 | Updated: Nov 21 2005, 06:50am hrs
The director general of civil aviation (DGCA) has instructed all scheduled operators not to blame air traffic control (ATC) for flight delays during their inflight announcements but attribute such delays to traffic congestion.

In a circular issued to all scheduled operators, the DGCA has instructed that cabin crew must change the announcement immediately as such announcements reflect badly on the controllers.

It may please be appreciated that such announcement directly reflects adversely on the personnel providing ATC services and projects them in bad light to the travelling public..., states the circular.

Aerial Combat

Cabin crew/pilots often attribute delays to ATCs
But ATCs say delays are due to
traffic congestion at airports
DGCA wants airlines to attribute delays to congestion with immediate effect

With air traffic registering a rapid growth, traffic congestion at most airports is a common phenomenon. However, cabin crew/pilots while announcing the delay at arrival and departure of flights often attribute the delays to ATC even when the actual cause may be heavy traffic. Such announcements have always irked the ATCs.

For the moment, the airport watchdog wants all airline operators to reflect the truth by changing the announcements from delay due to air traffic control to delay due to traffic congestion with immediate effect.