Pepper Exports From Six Countries Decline

Kochi, Nov 9: | Updated: Nov 10 2003, 05:30am hrs
Global pepper exports by the six major producers fell by nearly 10 per cent during the January-September period this year, according to the International Pepper Community (IPC).

IPC executive director KPG Menon said that all the major exporting countries, except Sri Lanka, saw a decline in exports. Around 143,650 tonne of pepper was shipped from Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka compared with 159,000 tonne during the same period last year. There was a massive 24 per cent fall in Indian exports during the three quarters this year. Exports fell by 4,150 tonne from 16,950 tonne last year.

Vietnam, which has overtaken India both in production and export to top the world, reported a decline of 13 per cent. It exported 59,745 tonne during the three quarters as against 68,627 tonne last year. Indonesias export decreased by four per cent from 33,333 tonne to 32,109 tonne. However, there was an increase of black pepper export, the main export is white pepper. Brazil shipped 17,586 tonne registering a five per cent decline from 18,419 tonne last year. Malaysia exported 14,555 tonne as against 16,183 tonne last year showing a decline of 10 per cent. However, Sri Lanka which has been accused of dumping its stuff in India at low prices owing to the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) exported 6,854 tonne registering an increase of 26 per cent as its exports last year were just 5,422 tonnes.