People think i'm stupid

Updated: Jan 20 2007, 05:30am hrs
I think I need an image revamp [emoticon]. In fact, I think the problem has been there for many years, Ive just about started noticing it. A long time ago, an NRI family of relatives visited our house, mistook me for a moron (no one else was there at home at that time), and kept commenting on me (he looks funny and stupid...) and our house in American-accented (but broken) English. It was not, of course, completely their blunder, as Id presented to them a disposition that didnt exactly look decent, I guess... but still.

So, of late, just for funs sake, Ive started observing how people react to me, and if youre not already aware, Im cerebral palsied (and hence, physically constrained almost to an extent of 70%) and walk with elbow crutches.

As soon as people see my handsor my posture, for that matterthey make an instant assumption. They assume Im not very smart. It has its privileges, if you may call it that. Even my own family members (excluding my wife) keep giving me advice about this that or the other, as if I know nothing of the world.

They dont mean it negatively, and I can understand. Since they think Im always at home and dont meet many people, Im not worldly-wise.

I wonder why they think like that, thoughI live on my own, Im raising a family, Im better off than many people around me, I convince people to give me work and then pay me for that work.

How many people can do that

Its very easy to go to an office and do work that has been assigned to you. I not only do the work, I actually get that work on my own.

Recently there was another small incident that got stuck to my subconscious. One of Alkas [hyperlink] friends regularly visits us these days. It so happened that one day we were talking about these guys shes working with who publish a magazine. Both, the niche of the magazine and a name she took, sounded very familiar and I told her that I might have met this person. Her immediate reaction was, No, no, there is no chance you could have ever met him. She hasnt known me for a long time, and she hasnt even known that person for a long time, but still she was so convinced that I could have never met him. I actually might have not met this person, but the way she said was really funny and it originated from an impression that I have not interacted with many people.

I have never taken such things seriously, but I think now I should. Ive observed its not about how much you know, its all about how you portray yourself...

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