'Pay back time' for Narendra Modi govt to save corporates names: Sitharam Yechury

Written by PTI | Chennai | Updated: Oct 31 2014, 13:37pm hrs
Commenting on the list of names involved in black money submitted by the Centre in the Supreme Court, CPI(M) leader Sitharam Yechury today said it was the "pay back time" for the government to save corporate names in exchange to the help they rendered earlier.

"Initially when Modi addressed his election campaign he said he would ensure that every single paisa stashed in foreign shores as black money would be brought to India, if he comes to power. He also said that every Indian would get at least lakhs of money, if that money was brought to the country," Yechury said, while addressing a meeting here.

The CPI(M) leader, who was here for the release of Tamil version of his book on Modi government, asked "But what happened later. Now Modi has to be pulled up twice by the Supreme Court for giving names of those having black money."

Observing that the Congress and BJP were no different as both were not committed in bringing back black money stashed in foreign shores, he said "this is the payback time for the government. Since corporates helped them earlier, the government is now saving the corporates. The real list of names involved in black money will never come out."

Yechury called the Modi government as the "deadly cocktail of communalism and neo-liberal economic reforms and that combination needs to be contended by the secular forces."

Secular forces should act as the son of this soil to contest this government, which is imposing greater hardships to the labour forces, threaten the very secular foundation of the secular fabric of this country and cement caste oppressions and social injustice, he said.

Commenting on the government's popular initiatives, he said "Initially Modi promoted what is called 'Made in India', which was later converted to 'Make in India.' There is a difference between the two. Made in India is what every body wants and believes but 'Make in India' is basically calling all the capitalists and industrialists to come to India and make their produce and make profits."

Referring to the recent controversy over the RSS chief's address to the country through state-run television, he said, "if RSS is a cultural organisation, why did not Sahitya Akademi's head not allowed to speak RSS is responsible for the death of Gandhi, after which Sardar Patel banned the organisation. Though the ban was revoked following RSS's undertaking that they would mend their ways, there was no change in their way."

"Why would the RSS chief talk to UGC chairman on how education should be" he asked.