P2F Targets Cos With New Communication Solution

Banglaore: | Updated: Aug 26 2002, 05:30am hrs
Bangalore-based P2F Technology has introduced an array of communication services targeting business applications under the brand name Efficient Mail. The services branded effmail, efftel and eff-fax allows the user to send short messaging service (SMS), fax and courier to any part of the world at low prices from a PC or a mobile phone.

P2F Technology managing director Ramesh Sipani told eFE, Efficient Mail services is the first of its kind in the country, and probably the only one in the world. The service allows the user to send SMS, fax or courier messages using any e-mail account. All the services under Efficient Mail are prepaid and mainly targeted at corporate users. The trajectory of using effmail is as follows: The user types the fax, SMS or the courier document draft as an e-mail. The e-mail then needs to be sent to the destination number (fax or mobile) preceded with the STD code of the place to the efficientmail mail server. (For example, to send a message to Chennai, a user has to enter F0441234567@efficientmail.com, wherein F stands for fax, 044 is the STD code for Chennai and 1234567 is the fax number it is being send to).

The local server of efficientmail picks up the message, transfers the same to its destination local server, in this case Chennai, and then sends it as a fax on the number. The same principle works for SMS and courier. The E-mail to SMS is charged Rs 1.50 per message. The catch is that one can send 480 characters, instead of the prevailing higher limit norm of 160 characters.

Most of the handsets allow only 160 characters. If the message is of 480 characters, our servers make sure that the SMS is sent in three equal bits and that the message is in sequence, Mr Sipani said. E-mail to courier is charged at Rs 13 for a maximum of five pages to be sent across to any destination in India. The charge includes the fax charges, the printout charges, the packing and the actual courier charges.

efftel service enables sending E-mail, SMS, fax and courier from a telephone. In the case of efftel, a company executive would be the front end for the caller. This service makes sure that one need not have a fax machine to send faxes, a cell phone to send SMS or even type a document that needs to be send as a courier, he said.

P2F Technology had invested Rs 2 crore on the project. It has already managed to break cash-even in its first year of operation, Mr Sipani claimed.