'Our package offers hardware, network & consulting'

Written by Monalisa Sen | Updated: Mar 31 2011, 07:49am hrs
Venguswamy Ramaswamy is the global head of TCS Small and Medium Business (SMB). He has played a key role in bringing to market what is arguably India's biggest cloud launch to datean offering that aims to make information technology accessible to the sector by lowering a companys total cost of ownership. Cloud, delivered over the Internet, typically charges a fixed monthly fee per user. Swamy is also credited with pioneering TCS global consulting operating model.

In an interaction with Monalisa Sen, Ramaswamy shares his views.


Tell us more about your new offering for SMEs

There are six aspects to the new offering. First, it is an integrated offering of hardware, network and consulting. Second, the processes are on an on-demand basis. You dont have to use a CRM if you dont have a large customer range. Third, the processes are embedded in the software. You dont have to spend a lot of time to implement the process. Fourth, we are addressing all the compliance requirementsGST rules coming up etc. Fifth, the business model is an office-based model, and lastly, it leverages the cloud technology in order to reduce cost and make IT more affordable.

What challenges does the offering address

Fundamentally, there are a few challenges that an SME faces. First is talent retention. SMEs cannot retain any technology talent because the demand in the market is much higher than the supply. So they tend to lose it to a TCS or any other big player. With our solution, they do not require indoor stuff. We are also addressing cash management. Now, it is like buying electricity based on consumption; you pay on a monthly basis.

How does you cloud solution stack up against traditional technology spending

Smaller companies may spend 3% of their turnover in technology. Here, we are able to bring the cost of the technology to less than a percent of the turnover. We share the technology across a large number of SMEs through the cloud model; we are able to share our servers that run at a much higher utilisation. Also, if a server goes down, the cost of fixing it is much higher.

Do SMEs need to hire IT staff

The answer is no as long as the processes are in line with the industry practices. A smaller-medium business doesnt need additional IT staff but if it requires something unique, it may have to hire.

How do you plan to go-to-market

The go-to-market will only be through CSPs, the cloud service partners. We are conducting a number of cloud conclaves. These are events we do in two or three cities. We do have a set of marketing strategies in order to make the solution or brand more popular and we are working continuously on a multiple set of options for marketing.