Organising Olympics would require honest govt machinery

Written by Ophelia Francis | Updated: May 30 2011, 06:41am hrs
India successfully conducted Commonwealth Games 2010; earlier it successfully organised Asian Games twice, it also organised the Cricket World Cup third time (all quite successfully). So, does this mean that India is ready to organise Olympics some time after the 2016 edition (being held in Brazil)

The answer, as of today, seems a firm no. Olympics is a mega sporting extravaganza, much bigger than the world cups and regional games. Also, we all are aware of the various issues that were involved while organising the Commonwealth Games. Organising an event like the Olympics requires a huge amount of co-ordination, systematic procedures and transparency to be in place. Our government departments currently lack in this aspect and this was quite evident during the Commonwealth Games. Organising Olympics would require officials of high integrity and those who are committed towards their workthe attributes that were not displayed during the Commonwealth Games.

China spent more than 40 billion dollars towards organising the Olympic Games 2008. For a country like India, which struggles to provide basic amenities to its population, to spend such a huge amount towards the organisation of such an event does not come across as the best way of using its funds. India first needs to meet the requirements of its population, provide them with good infrastructure, healthcare, education, etc, and only then its spending towards organising mega events would be justified.

Moreover, its not only that the number of countries is large in Olympics but the number of events is also much more than in other games. India cannot afford to spend such a huge amount of money on the organisation of Olympics and that too with the risk of not being able to organise it successfully. These are some of the issues that pose as impediments for India to successfully organise Olympics.

The author is a first year PGDM student at LIBA