Organising A Chief Guest

Updated: Feb 27 2004, 05:30am hrs
Organisers of BioAsia 2004, the first international event on biotechnology to be held in the country, had a harrowing time trying to get a chief guest to inaugurate the event.

Being held in Hyderabad, the organisers first approached the President, APJ Abdul Kalams, office. However this did not materialise as they were told that he had visited Hyderabad too many times over the last few months and was not expected to make it again in the near future. Eavesdropper also learns that his earlier visits cost a lot of money and the kitty couldnt bear another visit.

The organisers then approached the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, N Chandrababu Naidu, to do the honours for the event. Unfortunately, this too did not materialise for the organisers as the CM is in election mode.

Finally, the organisers were left with little choice but to request the Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Surjit Singh Barnala, to do the honours.

Reality Bites
In the government, officialdom does not retire even if its officials do. Babus get a taste of this only after they retire. Eavesdropper learns that some such retired babus, whove been harassed by the system complained to the cabinet secretary, Kamal Pande, on the matter.

In response, Mr Pande shot off a note to all secretaries in the central government asking them to do something to improve the plight of the common man (retired civil servants included) saying that if this was the treatment meted out to retired bureaucrats, the condition of the common man must be really bad.

This note, apparently, is being taken seriously by some secretaries, as they too can be at the receiving end shortly.