Only Bimal!

Updated: Sep 27 2002, 05:30am hrs
When hes not grappling with Indias monetary policy challenges or counting the burgeoning foreign exchange reserves, Reserve Bank boss Bimal Jalan likes to chill out enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Like going to the movies. The good Guv, a little bird tells us, enjoys going to the movies and does not mind the occasional well-crafted Hindi cinema.

But Dr Jalan is finicky about not breaking queues whenever he encounters them. No special treatment for him, he insists. If theres a queue for tickets or for anything else, he will quietly stand in it and wait for his turn.

Even if the hosts of the event arrange for a special entrance for him, Dr Jalan will not budge. This also takes its toll on security sometimes, but the Guv will not have anyone fussing over him.

Whats more, true to the image of a dour central banker, Dr Jalan is not into partying because, says birdie, hes petrified of some snoopy photographer putting him on Page Three!

Big B At Sebi

Now on to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) chairman, G N Bajpai. He comes from Life Insurance Corporation, where he was well-known for working late and often on weekends.

Workaholic Mr Bajpai is causing a flutter at Sebi these days with his punishing work schedule. Long used to a relaxed pace, Sebi officials are getting a taste of real hard work.

Grapevine has it that the Sebi chief says everyone in the organisation needs to work harder in the national interest.

So these days, you have grumpy-faced Sebi brass often working late into the evening or staggering into work on a Saturday. Sceptical Try mentioning the phrase national interest to them and see if Sebi officials dont come charging at you!