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Updated: Mar 31 2013, 05:37am hrs
At Work in the Informal Economy of India: A Perspective from the Bottom Up

Jan Breman



Pp 457

Informal labour translates as labour or employment that is not regular. Labour in the informal sector is casual, insecure and unprotected. This book brings to light the plight of the landless and land-poor peasants in Indias informal economy. It is a result of anthropological fieldwork conducted in Gujaratthe state with the highest rate of economic growth.

Confronting the State: ULFAs Quest for Sovereignty

Nani Gopal Mahanta



Pp 348

Confronting the State examines the complex nuances and dynamics that make the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) a formidable insurgent group in India. It argues that to understand the phenomenon of insurgency, one has to understand the genesis of conflict between the Indian state and the state of Assam right from the very inception of the nation-state.

A Village

Awaits Doomsday

Jaideep Hardikar



Pp 217

Jaideep Hardikar brings us the personal stories of ordinary people from across the country displaced and made destitute by innumerable government and private initiatives. He analyses the reasons why people protest, laws that governments use to displace them, the existing rehabilitation and resettlement policies, and the latest debates over the land acquisition process.

Bare Knuckle People Management

Sean ONeil, John Kulisek

Prolibris Publishing Media


Pp 255

In this book, Sean ONeil and John Kulisek take a no-nonsense approach in showing managers how to push their teams to success, not by following traditional fluffy leadership training principles but by using the skills that got them promoted in the first place. Written in short, easily digestible sections, this guide is perfect for any manager in need of practical, real-world help.

The Hanging of Afzal Guru

Introduction by

Arundhati Roy



Pp 299

In 2001, the parliament was attacked. Eleven years later, we still do not know who was behind the attack. Yet on February 9, 2013, Afzal Guru was hanged to satisfy the collective conscience of society. This book brings together essays by lawyers, academics, journalists and writers who have looked closely at the available facts and have raised serious questions about the investigations and the trial.

Practical Newspaper Reporting

David Spark, Geoffrey Harris



Pp 210

Now in its fourth edition, this classic textbook has grown up alongside the newspaper industry. Today, as ever, it provides students of newspaper journalism with a toolkit for gathering news and filling ever-increasing space with first-rate copy for print and online.

It also gives guidance on news gathering and news writing, drawing on over

300 examples.