Olympics 2020

Updated: Nov 20 2003, 05:30am hrs
If China could successfully bid to stage the Olympiad in 2008, why cannot India attempt to host the games in 2020 There are several compelling reasons to do so. For starters, a 17 year time-frame is adequate for gearing up to build the infrastructure for the ultimate sporting event in the world. India has already succeeded in bringing the Commonwealth Games home to New Delhi in 2010, which could lay the foundations for the Olympiad. Twenty one years earlier, when the Capital was the venue of the Asian Games, a lot of fly-overs, hotels and stadia were constructed which still serve the city. New Delhi thus got a major face-lift for that event which residents still talk about with pride. The Commonwealth Games will do much the same as New Delhis bid succeeded on its promise to deliver infrastructure in an integrated manner. By then, the Delhi Metro would have been in place with the needed extensions to the airport to transport vast numbers of people who will attend this event. Mass rapid transit systems are the most efficacious means to transport people around, especially from one stadium to another which are spread all over the metropolis.

An important reason to host the Olympiad is also the excitement that has returned to Indian sport. Gone are the days when the whole nation looked forward to only a solitary medal at the Olympics. There is a renaissance of sorts as the winning feeling has returned to even athletics. Would any one have reckoned India to feature second in the medals tally in the recent Afro-Asian Games held in Hyderabad India has become a world-beating force in hockey, tennis and other events like billiards. Given this new wave of success India is experiencing in sport, isnt it therefore time to showcase our skills at the Olympic Games What a difference it will make to the national mood when Indians ascend the victory podium! Overall, it is a fact that any country holding this event is never the same as it ascends to a higher league of development Tokyo after 1964, Seoul after 1988, Sydney in 2000. Witness the hectic preparations underway in Beijing for 2008, using up all the steel surpluses in the world, including those from India. Indications are that India is also getting ready for a surge in steel imports due to the Commonwealth Games and that lower duties are expected in the Union budget for 2004-05. Hosting the Olympiad in 2020 will do much the same but on a much larger scale. Seventeen years are adequate to prepare for that event.