OFS goes to Canada

Chennai, May 17 | Updated: May 18 2006, 05:30am hrs
Object Frontier Software (P) Ltd (OFS), a leading global consulting and cutting edge IT solutions provider, that has set a target of $100 million turnover in the next five years, is expanding its operations to Canadian cities through a joint venture, OFS Canada.

Beginning in Montreal, it plans to move to Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa.

In its Chennai centre it is grooming a team well-versed in French to cater to the French-speaking regions in that country.

OFS Canada would provide high-quality business initiatives for the small and medium businesses (SMBs) and generate $2 million revenue for the company in the first year of operations.

Mr Paul-Andre Savoie, the CEO and founding investor of OFS Canada, told the Chennai media through video-conference, that many Fortune 500 companies have benefited from outsourcing their software development to India. Our main goal is to bring the same advantages to Canadian technology-centred large and small companies.

He said OFS Canada is targeting over 300 SMBs, both IT and non-IT, to provide them technologies to suit their domain. Our approach is as business consultants and technology providers, he said.

Canadian companies have been the outsourcing centres for the US. Now Canadian companies have begun outsourcing, especially from India.

Mr James Walter, CEO, OFS said, Canadas fast growing IT industry, high level of economic security and political stability were key factors that inspired us to set up operations there.

To reach the expected turnover of 100 million, the company is planning to increase its headcount to 2000 in phases. Mr Walter said OFS has been identifying the pool of talents from the less tapped southern regions of Tamil Nadu, besides from all over the country.

Mr S Kauntheya, vice-president, sales and marketing said, OFS was planning to open operations in Europe and countries in the Asia Pacific region.