Number of road accidents increases 8%

New Delhi, Mar 8 | Updated: Mar 9 2007, 05:30am hrs
The road accidents has gone up by 8% to 4,39,255 in 2005 from 4,06,726 in 2003. The number of deaths on roads has also gone up to 94,968 from 85,998 during the period.

The Planning Commission has put the social cost of road accidents at Rs 55,000 crore during 1999-2000, which constitute about 3% of GDP for the year.

During 2003-04 as many as 10 persons had lost their lives per hour due to road accidents which is just double the number of accident deaths in US. While in UK, it is just about one person per hour.

The number of injured persons per hour in India was in the range of 49 to 53 persons whereas in the US it was around 329 while in UK it was about 32 persons.

The number of accidents per 1,000 vehicles in India was about 6 while in US it was higher at 8 and 7 in UK during 2003-04.

Among the states, the maximum number of killer highways are in Maharashtra with government estimates stating that there were as many as 72,408 road accidents in the state in 2005.

In second place is Tamil Nadu with 53,866 highways accidents followed by Kerala - 42295, Karnataka-40330, Andhra Pradesh -37131, Madhya Pradesh-35123, Gujarat- 30515, Rajasthan-23115, Uttar Pradesh-18325 and West Bengal with 12597 accidents in 2005. Delhi had only 9351 highways accidents in the year. The government has undertaken several measures like introduction of highway traffic management system using intelligent transport system, ensuring discipline among contractors during construction for proper use of road markings and design and road safety audit by NHAI. The on going work for widening and upgrading national highways to 4 and 6 lanes depending on the traffic on the NHs is also part of the action being taken by the government to ensure road safety and easy traffic flow.