Now You Can Get FPO Licence Online

New Delhi, May 2: | Updated: May 3 2003, 05:30am hrs
The Union ministry of food processing industries has developed an online licensing and monitoring system to cover all activities associated with the Fruit Products Order (FPO), 1955. This will help quality production, packaging, inspection as well as monitoring of production and exports of processed fruits and vegetables.

The system designed and developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) was inaugurated on Friday by Union food processing minister NT Shanmugham.

The main objectives of the system are to provide online information regarding various FPO licenees, their details and status of different activities relating to them to the prospective and existing licensees. The system would also enable building up and maintenance of update database of all FPO licensees, their production and follow up of activities at operational level.

Fruit Products Order, 1955 was promulgated under Section 3 of Essential Commodities Act which aims at regulating sanitary and hygenic conditions. In the existing working environment, the FPO activities like new licencing, renewals, changes, FPO inspections and follow up actions are managed manually.

The status of FPO activities such as inspection details, delay in issuance of licences and compilation of production data have to be ascertained from multiple files and at times the informations remain incomplete.

All these result in inadequate and delayed flow of information to decision making levels. The new online monitoring system is seen as an attempt to redress these issues.