Not the issue

Updated: Nov 22 2005, 05:33am hrs
This refers to the interview you’ve carried with company affairs minister Prem Chand Gupta (Nov 21). I find it disquieting for the top man in charge of investor protection and company law enforcement to say his basic approach is one of trusting corporate India. Isn’t this beside the point
His job is to enforce the law, to strengthen the hands of those doing this job. How does it matter if corporates are generally trustworthy or not This is like a policeman saying he’s relaxed about law and order because his basic approach is to trust humans. That is not his job, which is about being ever-vigilant and looking for new ways to stay ahead of wrongdoers.
I await, with scepticism, the visible results of this trust-them-to-play-the-game outlook. He speaks of “a sea change in the way businesses are conducted.” Where is the evidence of this In any case, this isn’t the point: the thrust ought to be on making the structure he chairs more effective.
- VS Ranjan
Game theory
Just look at the praise and adulation the cricket team has earned in just a few weeks. However, in all this excitement, we appear to have missed something important. The final list of the qualifiers for the next football world cup is out and we are nowhere. Just 10 countries play cricket at the highest level; remove India and just 3% of the world’s population is involved. Contrast this with football. There are more countries registered with FIFA than with the UN! Countries like Trinidad & Tobago, Togo and Ivory Coast have qualified. Their population is probably equal to what just one Virar fast local carries during peak hour.
Let us admit it, we excel in those games that others don’t care about. So, let us not dwell too much on the achievements of our Pepsi boys.
- TR Ramaswami