Not a zero-sum name

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Dec 31 2007, 03:40am hrs
In game theory, ones win need not always mean the others loss. In name theory, similar rules tend to apply, or so brand experts say. At an event to showcase Kinetic Motors new scooter in Mumbai, Chung-Long Chen, an executive director of the company, was heard displaying a keen interest in Indian names. Chen was not satisfied with just the visiting cards of the journalists present. He diligently studied each of them, and wanted to know what each name actually meant, even if he had to struggle with some of the tongue-twisters. No scribe thought it very wise to check with the executive what his own name meant, but it was clear that Chen meant business. With the call to break down trade barriers gaining adherents across the world, surely language barriers should be headed for anachronism status, too But then, that depends on the nature of the game. Should we raise a toast to win-win

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Gorgeous Bipasha Basu may have been replaced by gang-star Kangana Ranaut as Levis leading lady model for its tight-fitting jeans, but Kinetics showcase event in Mumbai proved that Bips could still activate the drool buds at the click of a camera pose. Photo journalists, especially from the starved-for-glamour business press, went into flashbulb frenzy just to get that perfect angle. This left the reporters present grumbling that the melee had made any worthwhile business conversation with Kinetic executives all but impossible. A case of sour gra... er, whats the interpretation now, rewards of indeterminate value