Noida firm saved 40% on energy bill by going green

Written by fe Bureau | Pune, Aug 28 | Updated: Aug 29 2008, 05:32am hrs
The UP State Electricity Board team raided Spectral Services Consultants corporate office in Noida to check out whether the later was stealing power.

The company was paying Rs 1 lakh as its energy bill, while the company next door had notched up bills of Rs 3 lakh a month. It was a case of utility body suspecting theft, where congratulations were due.

After designing five green buildings, Speatral decided to build a green office for themselves. But the state utility failed to recognise an efficient user or energy and went by the benchmark set up inefficient energy consumers.

Spectral happened to be a building with green rating and was operating by using minimal lighting and air-conditioning, hence consumed less power.

Spectral Services Consultants COO Ashish Rakheja said the organisation had managed to cut their energy bills because they were located in a green building that was designed, built and run in a way that it needed less energy.

His office seats 150 and is expandable to 200, using broad daylight and with minimal air-conditioning. The roof had insulation from broken China mosaic tiles. The office recycled 100% of its water and reused it for gardening and flushing and had reached zero discharge levels.

Spectral achieved 40% savings in energy bills.This is exactly the kind of payback that those investing in green buildings are seeing.