No Wi-Fi For Scribes

Updated: Nov 7 2003, 05:30am hrs
Bangalore had an added attraction this year. In a bid to hype-up its public image, the exhibition boasted of a completely wi-fi (wireless fidelity) enabled venue. Now for those not so tech-savvy readers, wireless fidelity basically means you can log on to the Internet without plugging in; and a wi-fi hotspot is where signals are strong.

Wi-fi hotspots were thus set up across the venue for delegates, visitors and others to demonstrate the powers of wireless Internet connectivity.

However, the poor scribes who attended the exhibition and were to carry the wi-fi message to the public were completely left out of the technological marvel.

While delegates to the exhibition had the complete liberty to enjoy wi-fi, journos had to make do with only writing about the wonders of technology rather than experiencing it. Far from having a wi-fi hotspot, the media centre at the exhibition did not even have proper Internet connectivity other than a few virus- infested computer systems!

Signing Off Rivalry
Despite the bitter rivalry between DMK supremo M Karunanidhi and Tamilnadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa, there still can be instances when one leader follows the other. Eavesdropper has gathered one such instance whereby one of the leaders followed the example set by the other.

It appears that the two leaders, when in opposition, dont attend assembly sessions.

So when the DMK head M Karunanidhi visited the legislative assemblys lobby on Monday to put his signature on the assembly register to avoid disqualification, his justification was rather simple: When Ms Jayalalithaa was the opposition leader, she too did the same!