No one should go to bed hungry

Updated: Jan 1 2006, 07:19am hrs
I look at my being a Member of Parliament with a sense of great responsibility. Like every responsible individual I have a dream for our great nation. A dream, that no one in our country goes hungry, every individual has a roof over his/her head, a clean living environment and basic sanitation facilities. The crux this year should be on few important issues.

Education is a broad subject. Educated and skilled labour means more jobs, better salaries a comfortable life for the family. Educating the girl child is of utmost importance as educating a girl means indirectly educating her entire family.

Today India is a young and robust nation. With information technology at its best, India will be the next superpower in this chosen field. Indians are known to be the most hardworking and best brains the world over.

Infrastucture developement in all major cities of our country is a must. Development in other major cities and towns will enable more employment facilities, thus providing uniform progress in different parts of our country.

India still is an agro-based country. Better farming facilities and faster soft loans can enable the Indian farmer progress even in small villages. This will also generate self-employment across the country. In the cities where Sensex, business and property prices rule, development in the villages can lead to progress in every home.

Youth is the future of our country. Today's youth is tomorrow's future. Development programmes for youth, loans for their studies and emphasis on specialised fields have become a must. Programmes offering career guidance will also go a long way in paving their path to success.

My vision for India is that of a strong self-sufficient nation which is a leader in world matters, with a voice which can be heard. A country which voices the philosophy of ahimsa in a world stricken with war and terrorism.

A country with a great heritage and a bright future. A country with a booming economy, self-reliant and skilled manpower. We would like to see India as a country free of poverty, where basic health care and security of the citizen is of importance. Rights and dignity for the disabled is also close to my heart.

(Priya Dutt is MP, Mumbai North-West, Maharashtra.)