No barriers between the boss and the subordinates

Written by Banasree Purkayastha | Updated: Dec 3 2013, 18:22pm hrs
1The job: My last few years at Uninor have been extremely exciting and rewarding. Uninor has a great culture that empowers its employees to be challengers, take risks and learn every day. My job urges me to meet targets, which enables me to challenge myself and that is the best part of my job! The urge to stand out amidst other players and perform to keep our brand growing is the most stimulating slice of my job. At the same time, there are a few things which, I would say, if changed, would be better. The fact that we have too many meetings becomes a bit tiring sometimes but it gets compensated when we reap good results.

2 The weekdays: Meetings, strategies and travelling are part of every corporate job nowadays, there is nothing new to it. However, Uninor is like home now. Uninor fosters a collaborative environment which is focused on performance and continuous learning. My job entails keeping the companys reputation and brand at the highest level.

Innovation and continous improvement are the main drivers for everything we do. Our workplace treats everybody as equal and hierarchy doesnt matter as we have no cabins in Uninor. There is no barrier between the bosses and the subordinates. Even our partners are treated as part of our extended family.

I start my day by dropping my daughter to her school as it helps me to spend some quality time with her on the way. I step in office at around 8 am every day and generally wrap up by 8:30-9pm.

3The weekend: I like to spend quality time with my family over weekends and usually indulge in reading and watching movies. Currently, I am reading Black Swan by Nicholas Taleb. In college, I use to play cricket and hence try to catch up with friends for a quick game whenever it is possible.

4The toys: I am an Apple fan when it comes to gadgets. My iPhone4S is my favourite as it serves all the purposes at one go, be it official mails or music while travelling. I also like Sony products.

5The LOGOS: I am a no-fuss, extremely simple person when it comes to brands. I quite dont like to go for shopping and waste hours; hence my wife does all the shopping for me and I truly thank her for the big help.

As told to Banasree Purkayastha