New Teknovus EPON Optical Line Terminal Chip to Revolutionize Service Provider ROI and Subscriber Experience

Written by Businesswire India | 26-02-2008 | Updated: Feb 27 2008, 17:33pm hrs
Teknovus, the leading provider of Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (G-EPON) chips for the deployment of triple-play services in broadband access networks, today announced the TK3723, its third-generation EPON Optical Line Terminal (OLT) chip with two dual-speed Turbo-EPON(TM) MACs and multi-service traffic management and shaping. Teknovus' Turbo-EPON MACs support both 2.5Gb/s and 1Gb/s downstream bandwidths, enabling carriers to reduce costs by employing higher split ratios and/or increase ARPU through deployment of service models tailored for single-family and multiple-dwelling-unit (MDU) residential and enterprise subscribers.

High-capacity traffic management and shaping are required to enable simultaneous delivery of multiple channels of high-fidelity HDTV over any access network due to the bursty nature of MPEG-compressed data, low-priority traffic congestion, and the need to support tens if not hundreds of video streams.

Revolutionizing Service Provider ROI

"One of the greatest CapEx challenges carriers face is the substantial cost of traffic and service management in the central office or MSO head-end," said Greg Caltabiano, Teknovus' Chief Executive Officer. "OLT systems based on the Teknovus TK3723 chip will save carriers over $600 per subscriber in deployment of next-generation access networks, enabling CapEx payback of less than a year."

For example, typical broadband service management systems cost over $1,000,000. Each central office requires at least one; a 10M metropolitan line deployment would require more than 2,500 of these systems.

Eliminating the need for substantial central office/head-end equipment is only part of the battle. With 2.5Gb/s of downstream bandwidth, the TK3723 enables high-performance service distribution at split ratios of 1:128 and higher - further amortizing the OLT over a larger number of subscribers.

"To be competitive, broadband service providers must offer the triple play of voice, video, and Internet," said Jag Bolaria, senior analyst at The Linley Group. "Managing Capex and Opex expenses will be critical for deploying financially-viable next-generation access networks. Teknovus' TK3723 OLT chip's integrated traffic management and service shaping promises to save network expenses while achieving subscriber's performance and value expectations."

Ideal for MDU Deployments

MDUs are an important access network market segment, yet service providers face considerable challenges for fiber deployment in existing buildings. The key, then, is to develop subscriber solutions which deliver the benefits of fiber access while leveraging local infrastructure. Teknovus' traffic management system comprises both the OLT and the optical network unit (ONU) which combines guaranteed per-service performance with hacker/service-disruption prevention, enabling a superior end-user experience for multi-channel HD-IPTV, VoIP, and high-bandwidth Internet connectivity.

Comprehensive Development Tools

The Teknovus EPON Evaluation Kit enables network operators and system developers to evaluate an IEEE 802.3ah EPON, using a TK3723-based OLT, a Teknovus ONU, and the Teknovus Host Interface Firmware. The evaluation kit supports both 1 Gb/s EPON and Turbo 2.5 Gb/s EPON speeds in the downstream, and 1 Gb/s speeds in the upstream. Teknovus' carrier-grade firmware is deployment- and regression-tested to provide a substantial foundation for element management system and custom application development, with powerful features such as IP Multicast, IGMP Proxy, MLDv2, IPv4/IPv6 packet classification and filtering, and 802.3ah OAM.

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About Teknovus

Teknovus is the leading developer and supplier of access chipsets and embedded software for the FTTH market. Teknovus is a fabless semiconductor and software solutions company. Teknovus products are deployed by more than 35 service providers around the world, enabling the delivery of advanced triple-play services, including IPTV, via optical fiber networks. Teknovus products support the full FTTH network, covering the Central Office (OLT) and the Customer Premises (ONU). Teknovus is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California with sales and support centers in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. To learn more about Teknovus, visit

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