New ringtones for special kids

Updated: Jul 30 2006, 05:30am hrs
When Motorola India set out to identify ways to give back to the society, the company zeroed in on education for disadvantaged children. The company identified Parikrama Humanity Foundation and Shrishti Special Academy in Bangalore which focussed on mentally challenged and autistic children, besides Concern India Foundation.

Says Sammy Sana, managing director, Global Software Group (GSG), Motorola India, The main reason for associating ourselves with these organisations is that they align well with Motorolas focus on education, especially for the underprivileged and the physically challenged. In addition, these organisations are run with a lot of rigour and energy, and have greater chances of becoming institutions working towards the well being of the less-privileged.

Motorola GSG has set up a special division called the Social Project Group (SPG), which comprises a team of individuals who research, identify, coordinate and support such welfare programmes on behalf of the company.

The groups objective is to initiate community activities, covering a wide span of areas, like the upliftment of rural women and children, orphans, destitute women, disabled, aged, etc., and then execute a whole range of programmes in each of these areas all over the country.

Motorola recently funded the foundations library in Jayanagar, equipping it with furniture, books and multi-media facilities, besides helping them set up additional classrooms at their four centres in the city and providing a school bus.

The Motorola and Parikrama partnership is one that spans many areas and at multiple levels. Both the company and individuals have helped in providing top class education to the poorest of the poor children from the slums of Bangalore. However, one thing that we value most in our relationship is that this is a continuous long-term partnership that goes beyond just providing money, says Shukla Bose, who is the founder and chief executive officer of Parikrama Foundation.

The company has also involved its employees in its social initiatives. Through its outreach programme, TEACH (To Educate A Child), each employee of GSG supports the education of one child of casual labourers. This programme has already benefited non-governmental organisations like Hope Foundation and Chord Foundation.

In an effort to bring the community service organisations and Motorola associates closer, Motorola organises reach-out day in the month of December each year, when NGOs are invited to display and sell their products.

Motorola recently helped Shristhi set up an audiology remediation lab as part of its early intervention programme, a critical component in the drive towards making autistic children self-reliant.

Shristi Special Academy has constantly endeavoured to provide the best range of services to enable the mentally challenged and autistic children to move towards participatingactivelyin society and also reducing the heavy burden on parents.The academy already had a team of trained personnel working with differently abled people at Shristi.The Speech and Audiology Lab andthe Pyscho Educational Lab for the Autism unit will make a major difference in the lives of all the children coming to Shristi and the many more who will enroll to avail of the services, says Suchita Somashekaraiah, co-founder and technical director of the academy.

Worldwide Motorola is known for its initiatives in the social sphere, offering a helping hand to the community. Its Canopy products provide high-speed, low-cost wireless broadband access in areas where cable modem and DSL services are not available or deployment is too costly. The products and services help to improve education, health services, commerce and safety in developing countries.

The Canopy system has been deployed in more than 100 countries all over the world, and recently in India as part of a pilot project, enabling school children in remote areas to gain access to quality education, by connecting teachers and students by providing real-time video and audio feeds to a cluster of recipient-school classrooms.

As a global corporate citizen, Motorola believes it has an active responsibility and role to play in helping communities flourish. We always endeavour to support communities in several ways, including philanthropic grants, in-kind product donations and employee volunteer programmes. We hope our efforts will help in sustaining livelihoods and creating better citizens of tomorrow, points out Sammy Sana.