Net gain for Internet mobile revenues

Written by Vrishti Beniwal | New Delhi, Nov 8 | Updated: Nov 9 2007, 07:08am hrs
The government may be far behind the target of 18 million PC Internet subscribers by the year-end, but Internet on mobile is ringing in good numbers for service providers.

As per industry estimates, Internet-based mobile revenues in the country have jumped from $150 million to $700 million in the last two years, and are projected to hit $3.9 billion by 2010.Currently, India has about 31 million mobile Internet users, compared with 450 billion globally. By 2011, the country is projected to have the worlds second highest mobile Internet user base of over 50 million, against the global base of 1 billion, which will exceed the fixed line base.

According to a study by Nokia, TV, blogging and Internet-based applications will be the next big applications on mobile, with over 50% of the total global user base browsing Internet on their mobiles. The study also found that out of the total user base over 60% listen to music, over 75% use the camera, over 50% play games.

India is also fast moving up the technology curve and we have seen an increasing adoption towards Internet based applications and services, it said. It has been observed that people are spending a lot of time downloading interactive content from WAP sites, purchasing songs, videos and accessing live television content on their mobile devices.

Led by a 50% fall in the prices of GPRS enabled handsets in the last few years, Internet enabled phones have overtaken the countrys personal computer population by 22 million. Today, every seventh Indian mobile user sports an Internet enabled device.

Presently, about 1 billion people worldwide use PCs to access the Internet, whereas 4 billion carry mobile devices.

In India, there are 30 million PCs, while there are over 200 million mobile subscribers. With the country expected to have 500 million telephone connections by 2010, the future on Internet on mobile looks bright.