Need To Associate Media And Public In Disaster Management

Gurgaon, March 25: | Updated: Mar 27 2003, 05:30am hrs
There is a need to associate media and public in disaster management. This was the sentiment echoed by speakers including LC Gupta of Indian Institute of Public Administration and divisional commissioner LMS Salins at the one day workshop on disater management in Gurgaon.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Gupta called upon the people to learn from the earthquakes in Latur and Bhuj and the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. He said had the authorities been ready with a disaster managament plan, the loss to human lives and property could have been minimised, if the tragedy could not be averted totally.

Speakers noted that high-rise buildings, especially in Gurgaon city, were not conforming to the parameters to cushion them against seismic disturbances. They lamented that the public did not seem to be conscious about the vulnerability that life and property were exposed to during an earthquake.