Nationwide hunt on: Patil

New Delhi, Oct 30 | Updated: Oct 31 2005, 05:30am hrs
Looking for an early breakthrough, police and intelligence agencies on Sunday launched a nationwide hunt for the perpetrators of 29/10 even as the government reviewed the security situation in the country.

Following a meeting of the union Cabinet this evening, convened specifically to discuss the blasts, home minister Shivraj Patil said that investigations were proceeding in the right direction. However, he was reluctant to part with any definite information, pleading that doing so could jeopardise the probe. We have enough information, but it is not proper, scientific or correct to disclose at this point of time, he said. Security agencies throughout the day were engaged in meetings including one that was attended by the Prime Minister and home minister.

The assessment within intelligence circles, given the precision timing of the blaststhey were coordinated in a manner to go off within minutes in three different locations across the city was that a well-networked organisation was involved, possibly with much wider links not limited to Indian borders.

Mr Patil on Sunday revealed that movements and identity checks of foreign nationals in the country were being made more stringent, which was read by security experts as a pointer towards the possible involvement of Bangladeshi nationals.

The involvement of Kashmiri outfits like the Lashkar-e-Toiba is also not being ruled out. An unknown Kashmiri outfit Inquilab group has claimed responsibility for the blasts but intelligence agencies are not certain if it was indeed them. Delhi police, which has been entrusted with the probe into the blasts, made it clear though that no arrests had been made as yet, though this did not mean that no headway has been made in the investigations.