Narasimhan, Reddy launch July Systems

Bangalore, January 20: | Updated: Jan 21 2002, 05:30am hrs
Well-known Silicon Valley success Ashok Narasimhan and Rajesh TS Reddy of Unimobile fame have announced the launch of their new venture-July Systems-which is focused on creating and building a ‘wireless superstructure’ architecture that will facilitate the delivery of enterprise-class wireless data.

The ‘platform tying’ solution to be rolled out will knit together the various elements in the wireless value chain, applications, networks, platform, services and devices to ensure the delivery of wireless data to enterprises. July will bring together different wireless standards such as GPRS and CDMA with short-range wireless networks such as Wireless Lan and Bluetooth aimed at maximising performance and usability of enterprise applications.

The company, incorporated in July 2001, has been structured as a seamless global corporation which will implement functions wherever the required talent exists, and focus on markets where there is a demand. In line with this strategy, July’s technology centre will be based out of Bangalore, with a view to tap India’s technical talent pool, according to the company’s founder and president Mr Reddy.

Another model will be to use an ‘extended corporation model’ approach which will leverage the capabilities of Indian technology companies through development partnerships and mutual sharing of market access.

Addressing the media, July Systems founder, chairman and CEO Ashok Narasimhan said the projected market for this particular niche was expected to be $50 billion by 2005, with over 70 per cent of enterprises likely to have deployed extensions to mission critical applications for wireless/mobile platforms.