Nandita says yes to sex-education for kids

Written by Ashok Kumar ( | New Delhi, July 30: | Updated: Aug 1 2007, 00:08am hrs
Shes a critically acclaimed actress, a human rights activist and a self-made success. With the distinction of being the serious performer, Nandita Das is better known for offbeat cinema and the unique characters she plays. She talks to

What type of roles do you prefer

I am open to a vast variety but do not want to repeat the same kinds of roles already done by me. I love versatile works. Till now, apart from the Hindi and English movies, I have also done three movies in Malyalam and an equal number of Bengali movies.

What pulls you to select a role or movie

More than anything else I am drawn by the script and its intensity. If the script is convincing enough then I take the plunge for the role offered to me.

Dont you think you have been comparatively less visible in the mainstream cinema or the commercial world of Bollywood

Since I live in Delhi, it is obvious that I will not get that many good roles of the mainstream cinema, which I could have got if I were in Mumbai. But, then, of course its absolutely my personal choice to live in Delhi and is not a compulsion.

Do you have any regrets about the decisions taken in the past, regarding selection of roles or movies

Yes, I do have regrets. But, one thing is for sure that just to prove that I can do a particular role, I will not go for the movie.

Do you work full time for the showbiz industry

No, showbiz is just a part of my work profile and it is not my full-time occupation. I am actively involved multiple social issues including those of women and children and do different kinds of social work.

Since you are known to devote your quality time and energy to the cause of women and children, you can fairly realise their needs. As a social worker what is your take on the much-debated issue of imparting sex-education to children

Of course, there should be sex education. In the present times Internet has democratized us to a very great extent and the power of the same should be used for the social good.

But it should be ensured that the content available there for exposure to the common people is to educate them and not for titillation.

So, how is it juggling between the cinematic career, personal life and the social work you are so actively involved with

I dont separate life, career and human rights. I can deal with all the fields simultaneously.

How did you get to involve yourself for the social cause in the beginning

I was always oriented towards it. I have also done my masters in social work.

How do you think real empowerment of women in India can be brought about

Look, empowerment is a constant process and not a one-time deal. It is a process to improve the status of women and we still have a long way to go before we realise it happening in the real sense of the word.