Murthy, superstar

Updated: Jan 22 2007, 05:30am hrs
At the fourth Nani A Palkhivala Memorial Lecture at the Tata Theatre, there was a mini stampede because no one wanted to miss NR Narayana Murthys talk on Making globalisation work for India. The hall was packed to capacity, but a convivial crowd of some 500 people, youngsters mostly, were thronging the gatestill they were let in. You have to sit on the aisles, stand..., they were told, as they stormed in. Sit, stand, head-stand, cartwheel, whatever, they needed to be there.

Then, when Narayana Murthy finally took the stage, the applause just wouldnt stop. Each word was relished, every wry comment greeted with guffaws (especially those on Indias politicians). When he finished, the ovation wouldnt (the standing part happened earlier).

Youre bigger than a filmstar now, smiled Deepak Parekh, chairman, HDFC, as the dais was besieged by enthusiastic autograph seekers. It was a sight to behold, and a very globalised one at that.

Convention zzzz-dom

Its the oldest trick in the lensmans book remember Deve Gowdas dozeto catch someone on camera doing something hed never be able to live down.

At a recent convention on capital markets, with the mandatory outsized screen looming large over the scene, one of the post-lunch sessions was all VaR and verbositytill the Q&A round began. As the camera panned its way towards a delegate asking a question, it couldnt help but also show the gentleman on the next seat... in splendid snooze mode. His bliss was short-lived, though, as his instant fame created enough of a stir to wake him up (and an estimated 250 other dozers too).