Mumbai limps back to 'Leo' with hugs

Written by Agencies | Mumbai, November 30: | Updated: Nov 30 2008, 23:49pm hrs
Three days after the terrorists spilled blood, a resurgent city is limping back to normalcy with a sense of reconciliation even as the famous 'Leopold Cafe' reopened today with a slogan 'Come to Leo with hugs and smiles'.

Raising a toast to the re-opening of his favourite cafe, where the first chapter of the terror attack was unfolded, Salim along with his young son, the first customer to enter the Leo', said, "Come to Leo with hugs and smiles. Nothing to fear as the show must go on."

Looking around, one could easily see the imprints left behind by the terrorists, who with their well-thought out act have re-written the history of terrorism in the country.

Bullet riddled thick glass panes and walls, splinter marks, broken cash counter and a small crater formed as a result of a grenade hurled are still visible, a testimony to what really happened at the cafe, a favourite with foreign tourists and youngsters.

"We had to open it at any cost. We have to show them (terrorists) that we have won and not they," says Farzad Jehani, the owner of the cafe, just behind the Taj Mahal hotel.

Describing what really happened on the dreadful evening of November 26, Farhang, his brother said, "I was busy upstairs watching Dhoni play, along with my brother when we heard a blast. Initially, I thought it was someone trying to play mischief on the road. As I got up from the seat, I heard gun shots and we ducked."

Farzad chipped in and said that the entire mayhem lasted only for a minute and a half.