Movie review: Sex Tape

Written by Shalini Langer | Updated: Oct 20 2014, 02:28am hrs
Sex TapeSex Tape movie review
Sex Tape

DIRECTOR: Jake Kasdan

CAST: Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Rob Lowe

RATING: *1/2

There was a time when Cameron Diaz would have breezed through this role. There was a time when Jason Segel could have winged it with her.

Now despite a happy married life; a daughter that looks like Goldilocks and a son who could be Macaulay Culkin; fulfilling as well as paying jobs; so many Apple products that they give away iPads for free as the film doesnt ever let you forget a sex tape with all the positions depicted in The Joy of Sex, and a 14-inch two-sided dildo in a guest appearance, the two former partners and their ex-director from Bad Teacher can hardly ever get the pulse racing.

Taking product plugging to a whole new high, or low, those aforesaid iPads are what hold this story together. Trying to reignite their conjugal lives, Annie and Jay tape themselves having sex for three hours on an iPad. Apart from everything else, one comment is on the amazing camera in these things. Jay is meant to delete the video, instead it gets synched to his Cloud the emphasis all theirs through an app discussed at some leisure, thereby reaching all those who had received iPads as a gift from him.

As Annie and Jay panic about all who could have seen the video, her maximum concern appears to be regarding the mailman, followed by the person who could be her future boss and who sees in her a wholesome mother. I guess you cant have the postman knocking all the time.

When they eventually come around to their son, one of the recipients of those iPads, Annie takes the device and chucks it out the window. Jay picks it up lovingly and remarks on the amazing body of these things.

The film largely concerns Annie and Jay running around town retrieving those iPads in a single night and second-guessing who may or may not have seen their video. In the course of it, there is cocaine, a killer dog, an infantile boss and friends who are enjoying the most from Annie and Jays apparent misery. There is a hint towards internet porn being not all that bad and oversexualised teens being not all that innocent.

The one gag the film does well but only for real Rob Lowe fans is play on both the scandal with his own sex tape and his fiasco with Snow White at the Oscars.

If the story is too thin for even a dildo to hang by, it isnt helped by either Diaz, hoping to coast on her inherent goofiness, or by Segel, who is far removed from his usual helpless guy self and too self-conscious in his thinned-down version, trying to justify being in this film. At least we cant blame him for failing. It would be hard for anyone to justify that one.