Movie review: In Tamanchey, Richa Chaddha reveals 'weak' self

Written by Shubhra Gupta | New Delhi | Updated: Oct 10 2014, 22:28pm hrs
Tamanchey'Tamanchey' stars Richa Chadda and Nikhil Dwivedi in the lead.. (Bollywood Hungama)
Movie review: Tamanchey

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For this dish, you need to assemble the following. Girl. Should be able to handle guns and talk tough. Also, should be able to carry off tight spaghetti straps and razor backs. Needs to be from Delhi, because thats where all the tough girls are from, right

Guy. Who speaks some kind of weird mish-mash of UP-Bihari Hindi and a wildly-printed shirt, which tells us he is a) nave and b) good-at-heart. Give him some kind of fuzzy backstory. Too much effort Okay, away with that stuff.

A body-builder of a Haryanvi goon who has to have the hots for the girl. And a load of powder (`powder of course means only one thing, and we dont need to spell it out : it just needs to be said with an air of menace). And some cops who are even more moronic than those that used to land up in the last scene in the 70s potboiler.

Stir in a liberal dose of gaalis, which need to come from the girls mouth. Mix it through and through, so that every time she says maa, she HAS to follow up with a behen. Tough girls must necessarily be foul-mouthed, see Poor thing, what can she do, she has no bhai and baap, see

Make sure to add in shots of said girl from all angles (above, below and sideways) and splash em about in scenes, which will lead the audience to draw a sharp breath and say Oh my god, CLEAVAGE!!!! (Exclamation marks mine).

Check for seasoning: is Richa Chaddha, the girl who gave off such promise in Oye Lucky, and was so striking in Gangs Of Wasseypur well and truly buried, only able to show us weak glimpses of what she can do