Mounting AT&C losses worry power ministry

Mumbai, April 19 | Updated: Apr 20 2005, 05:30am hrs
The power ministry has expressed serious concern over the high rate of aggregate transmission and commercial losses (AT&C) which ranged from 23.6% to 75% in various parts of the country in 2003-04.

Manipur tops the list with a record AT&C of 75% followed by J&K 67.6%, Nagaland 65%, Sikkim 55%, Mizoram over 50%, Delhi 49.33%, Rajasthan 47%, Madhya Pradesh 46%, Uttaranchal 44%, Haryana 41%, Bihar, Assam and Uttar Pradesh 40% each, Maharashtra 34.9% and Kerala 33%. Reforming states like Tamil Nadu have AT&C of 23.6%, Andhra Pradesh 24% and Punjab with 26.6%.

Power ministry sources told FE that it has asked states to vigorously carry out distribution reforms and implement anti-theft Acts to contain the burgeoning AT&C losses.

Power ministry has called for distribution reforms & anti-theft acts
Manipur has record AT&C of 75% followed by J&K 67.6%
Reforming states like Tamil Nadu and Andhra have less AT&C
High technical losses triggered by inadequate investments in system improvement works
Commercial losses mainly due to low metering efficiency, theft and pilferages
High technical losses in the system are primarily due to inadequate investments over the years for system improvement works, which has resulted in unplanned extensions of the distribution lines, overloading of the system elements like transformers and conductors, and lack of adequate reactive power support, a ministry source said. Commercial losses are mainly due to low metering efficiency, theft and pilferages.

Despite private sector involvement, Delhi has AT&C losses of 49.33%.