Mother Dairy Retail Format To Sport A New, Trendy Look

New Delhi: | Updated: Jul 25 2002, 05:30am hrs
In the wake of stiff competition from multinational food and beverage giants, homegrown Mother Dairy Fruits & Vegetables Ltd is, finally, reinventing itself. A subsidiary of the apex co-operative body National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), Mother Dairy—which is currently being restructured—is getting ready to spruce up its image to sport a savvy and trendy look, industry sources inform.

For starters, it is learnt that the company has plans to open over 100 new retail formats in Delhi. These will be drastically different from its existing 800 outlets in the Capital, right from being bigger in size (about 1,000 to 1,200 sq ft each) to sporting a more consumer-friendly environment.

A product expansion is also in the pipeline, though it’s still unclear as to which segments the co-operative will explore further.

While Mother Dairy is not talking as yet (despite repeated requests, Mother Dairy refused to respond to a FE questionnaire), it is believed that that the co-operative is clearly getting ready for big things. Part of the new-found marketing aggression can also be attributed to the newly created marketing company being headed by a new CEO Mr Arjun Uppal.

Mother Dairy’s move to spruce up its image, is believed to be a precursor to the company going national. Interestingly, Mother Dairy which has so far restricted its operations to Delhi and national capital region (NCR), has decided to adopt a metro-centric approach and will give small cities/towns a go-by. So while expanding operations to Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai is high on the agenda, going to small towns say like Surat and Ambala is not a priority right now.

Meanwhile, a broader picture is likely to emerge soon, when the strategic think tank set up by NDDB will submit its recommendations.

As reported by FE on July 14, NDDB, has started a restructuring exercise at its subsidiary Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetables Ltd. Under the new set-up, the flagship company Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetables Ltd has been renamed Mother Dairy Food Processing Ltd which will focus entirely on production and processing and will be headed by Mr NA Sheikh. A new company has been formed to handle its marketing operations (name not known) with the new CEO.