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Updated: Dec 31 2006, 07:40am hrs
Piyush Pandey
Group resident director and national creative director, Ogilvy & Mather India

Money to me is a reward for hardwork and passion. I have not really cared about investments. But I have a successful co-chairman and COO, SN Rane, who knows a lot about investments.

I just follow him. I do the creative bit and he, the financial one.

Hussain Kuwajerwalla
Television artiste

Money is one's livelihood, luxury and the means to enjoy a good life. In 2007, I would like to invest in real estate, mutual funds -which I consider the safest investment instrument - and with the money that is left, I would love to travel a lot. (Hussain with his wife Tina took home Rs 2 million in prize money after winning the mega finale of STAR One's dance contest Nach Baliye 2)

Rinki Bhattacharya
Author, columnist, documentary film maker

Money to me means freedom, liberation, control, a little bit of power and independence, especially for women. I have been doing a lot of work on women and feel even working women seldom have control over their money. In their retirement age, they are controlled and oppressed by the ones who hold the purse strings. For 2007, I must do sound investment planning with some blokes like the CAs. The safest areas of investment for me is the modest returns which the post office gives, besides PPF and mutual funds. I think real estate is the safest and the best investment, but it is very unaffordable.

Roshan Abbas
TV host, producer and event manager

Money means various things at different stages in one's life. I have a large portfolio of diversified equity mutual funds. I also invest in real estate but not in the popular meaning of buy-sell property. I invest in property with an aim to have a big house. For 2007, real estate is unaffordable in India. I would like to invest in property abroad as the govt has relaxed levies on investments there. I will focus on infrastructure-based funds and also look at retail IPOs, as I feel these are the strong sectors for the future.

Pooja Bedi
TV anchor, socialite and writer

Money is a means to an end. One should enjoy the money that one earns and spend it. Too much of it left behind only results in your children fighting over it. So, the best thing is to enjoy what you have earned.

I have spread my investments in various places like stock markets, government securities, ICICI bonds, Kisan Vikas Patra, PPF, FDs and the stock markets. I would like to invest in real estate.

Poonam Soni
Jewellery designer

Money is only functional. At least that is the way I see it. I don't strive to getjust money but aim to achieve, and then money comes in incidentally. Money is co-related to achievement. If I have enough money to fend for myself, then I am quite satisfied. The extra is then splurged upon. My investment plans for 2007 would be to expand my business, pay less tax and instead spend on better staff, advertisements than pay static tax. I want to invest 70% of my money on my brand, and 30% on safe investments such as mutual finds and bonds. I would also like to explore the possibility of investing in bluechip companies.

Sanjeev Kapoor
Celebrity chef and cook book author, who hosts the popular TV programme Khana Khazana

Money is a means, but not the end of all. I don't follow any structured plan. For 2007, I do intend to have one; for which I will need advice and guidance from experts. I would like to invest in real estate,equities and mutual funds.

Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal
Actor and theatre personality

Money is security to me. It also means working your butt off to work. Money allows one luxuries.

I like to travel. Money allows me to do that. For 2007, I would like to invest in mutual funds, for at my age, I need to get regular returns with low risks. I would like to get a few tips on equities and then buy some shares. I want to invest in my own productions as well.

Atul Kasbekar
Advertisement photographer

Money is a means to fulfill the needs of my family. As a father, my responsibility is to see that my children get the best education.

That will set them up for life. One cannot do anything beyond securing them with a good education.

My wife and I bought paintings of Souza because we loved his works and today they are an investment. But it is like the house that we stay in. It's value has appreciated over the years but it is a notional value. One will not sell the house that one lives in. And the paintings that we own. For 2007, I plan to invest in real estate, shares and mutual funds.