Updated: Nov 4 2003, 05:30am hrs
Remember how Aamir Khan & Co were awaiting monsoon rains in the Bollywood blockbuster Lagaan Just like in the movie, even the babus in Finmin were waiting with bated breath for the monsoons this year.

At a recent seminar on GDP forecasts and mid-year economic outlook, chief economic advisor Ashok Lahiri said: We were tracking clouds on a day-to-day was almost like the scene from Lagaan where anxious farmers were looking at an overcast sky with expectation.

After a bad monsoon last year, this years good monsoon has indeed brought back the cheers. Never in my life had I done it, but this time I had all the much it rained in different areas, what was the reservoir status..., an obviously elated Dr Lahiri told the gathering of economists.

Indian Tuxedo
A CEO of an Indian PSU was faced with a dress code dilemma. Having been invited to a felicitation ceremony to honour the President of a leading foreign oil company in London, he had to get himself a tuxedo for the function. After all, that was the dress code for the function and we know how finicky Brits can get about propah attire. Just when the CEO was at a total loss as to how to get one tailored at such short notice in India, his problem was solved: The organiser allowed him to wear an Indian variation of the tux a bandhgala.

At a time when the government claims to be trying to free the Indian telecom sector of litigations, the communications minister, Arun Shourie, recently offered an interesting piece of information at a conference, There was a time when it was said that (US telecom giant) AT&T had more lawyers than engineers.

Coming from the scholarly Dr Shourie, it could only be interpreted as a lesson for telecom players to learn from the experiences of their counterparts in advanced countries.