Money and fame are equally important: Raima

Written by Ashok Kumar ( | New Delhi, July 31: | Updated: Aug 1 2007, 00:24am hrs
She is one from the sensational Sen trio. She is the daughter of Moon Moon Sen and the grand daughter of legendary actress Suchitra Sen. Her sister Ria Sen, too, is creating ripples in the tinsel world.

But, when one sits close to this sensual Bong diva called Raima, and talks to her, she hardly lets the other person feel of her celluloid chords or her blue blood for that matter. Bollywood bombshell gets real while talking to Ashok Kumar.

What sort of roles do you prefer for yourself normally

I would love to do mature roles, of the characters older than what actually I am.I like to explore my self through my roles.

Your role is cast against Rajat Kapoor. How was it working with him

He is a fabulous and a dedicated actor and its always a learning experience to work with him. I would love to work more with him.

Tell us something about the character you play in Anuranan Resonance

I am playing a role of a wife called Preeti to Amit (Rajat Kapoor). My character (Preeti) does not get much attention from her husband and is a bit confused. She goes to Rahul (Rahul Bose) to escape, for a change, but is without any specific decision in her mind.

In this movie its seen that the resonance between the couple played by you and Rajat Kapoor is missing. If the same happens to you in real life how would you deal it

If I find my husband unreasonable, I would express to my husband my feelings without any inhibitions and expect him to understand my feelings.

Coming from an illustrious family of the showbiz and with many expectations looming over you, are you content with your career so far

I am happy with whatever I have achieved so far and hope to continue my progress in a steady way in the future too.

The business of showbiz, gives a good performer abundant fame and money. For you, personally speaking which is more important of the two

(After a small pause) As a matter of fact, both money and fame are equally important. You cant ignore any one of them. And, I feel, they are equally important to everyone else who strives to make his or her place in the world of showbiz.