Mobile subscriber base falls 12.7%

Written by Corporate Bureau | New Delhi | Updated: Mar 20 2009, 05:36am hrs
The growth of mobile subscriber base in February was slower by 12.7% with 13.44 million subscribers being added as compared to 15.41 million subscribers during the month of January. However, analysts do not view this as slowdown because the average growth, which used to be around 10 million per month is still much ahead of it.

The 15.41 million addition during January was the highest ever because Reliance Communications, which recently started its GSM services added 5 million users to its network. During February the company added around 3 million users, which perhaps explains lesser addition during February than January.

The growth of total (wireline and wireless) telephone connections was also lesser at 12% as 13.42 million subscribers were added during February compared to the 15.26 million added during the month of January. This was also pulled down due to lesser subscriber addition in the wireless segment during February explained above since in wireline theres been continuing deceleration. This is evident as the the wireless subscribers during the months of January and February together grew by 8.31% while the growth for the corresponding period of last year was 7.40%. Similarly the total wireline as well as wireless subscribers grew by 7.45% during the current year as against 6.31% over the same period last year. The rate of fall in the wireline subscribers is increasing with 0.17% fall last year compared to 0.44% fall in the wireline subscribers during the January and February this year.

With the February additions the total number of telephone connections in the country has reached 413.47 million at the end of February compared to 400.05 million in January this year. With this growth, the overall tele-density in the country has reached 35.62 as against 34.50 in the previous month.

The total wireless subscribers (GSM, CDMA and WLL(F)) base stood at 375.74 million at the month end. The total broadband subscribers base reached 5.85 million by the end of February as compared to 5.65 million at the end of January.

In the wireline segment, the subscriber base decreased to 37.73 million during the month compared with 37.75 million subscribers registered at the end of January recording a drop of 0.02 million.