MNCs Flouting Indian Laws

Updated: Mar 26 2004, 05:30am hrs
PN Vijay’s article ‘MNCs show scant respect for Indian laws’ (Mar 13, 2003) is hardly surprising. Indian laws and the entire system are highly amenable to someone with huge resources in terms of money and legal advice. The only way to bring them to book is by taking a correct position vis-a-vis their high ‘moral stand’ in public. Take the case of pesticides in soft drinks. These MNCs will get away because there are no laws currently related to adulteration. They have also been advertising widely that they have provided the same high quality, global standards that they use all over the world. With this position, actually, there is probably a case for sueing them for cheating. The companies have belied our faith in their product and in their ability to provide a reliable, quality and adulteration-free product.

Bollywood Meets Politics

The electorate in particular and public in general are fascinated by well-known film personalities joining one political party or the other. While some of them are doing so for the sake of so-called service to the nation, most of them are plunging into politics for greater public acclaim and money, though most deny the same. It is doubtful whether the entry of film artistes in politics will raise the chances of success of the candidate of the political party concerned, as voters are wiser than they are imagined to be. However, they will certainly act as crowd pullers in many political gatherings.
R N Lakhotia

Democracy Wins
‘Bijli sadak, aur pani’ says BJP
‘Beta, Sonia, aur Priyanka’ says Congress
‘Vote for BJP, vote for allies,
We want India shining’ says BJP
‘Vote for beta, vote for mother,
We want one as MP, other as PM’ says Congress
Congress ka haath sirf Sonia parivaar ke saath
Grand old party –– now Gandhi’s own party
Which way will the voter turn
Will he be swayed by caste, religion, language
By money, by booze, by gifts galore
By actors, singers, beauty queens
Yes, by all of these, and much much more!
But let us not despair, my friend
For at the end of it all
It is India that will win
It is Indian democracy that will win
P Chandra

Good Education
The biggest worry of parents is to give a good education to their children in a good school or college. After their children pass the Board Examination (Class XII), most parents do not get requisite information as to which courses for different career options are available. They are required to run from pillar to post. Even then, they fail to get the requisite information in time.
Therefore, I suggest some booklet or guide is made available for students of Class XII as to which courses are available for them, what is the address of the educational institute, the last date of depositing forms, fees required to be paid for the whole course and the annual break-up, what kind of placement shall be available after the completion of such a course, whether companies directly recruit from respective institutions etc.
Mahesh Kapasi