Minority Report

Updated: Aug 27 2004, 05:30am hrs
If you happen to be in NY today, and dont agree with Dubyas politics, a visit to Club Pepper (@ Broadway; 9pm-4am) is in order. Its the venue for the Desilicious Bye Bye Bush Bash! In case youre wondering, Desilicious a monthly gay South Asian dance party stands for desi + queer + fabulous. And given the American Prezs staunchly conservative views on well, almost everything including alternative sexuality, you can expect a healthy dose of Bush bashing to the sounds of bhangra beats, hip hop, house and Bollywood!

On a more serious note, gays of South Asian origin in America dont find it easy being a minority two times over. So, a bunch of them have organised themselves to promote gay rights. View the event then as a tribute to South Asian culture and queerness, if you like. Except that, in a clear sign of their political activism, the event company Sholay Productions also touts the Bye Bye Party as a refuge among peace-loving friends.

In reality, its a bit less benign than that. The Bash is actually well-timed with the Republican National Convention which kicks off in the Big Apple on Aug 30. And the $15 cover charge ($10 with flyer/e-mail printout) goes towards grassroots organisations whore working to give Bush the boot in November.

Of course, dance isnt the only art form thriving on Bushs rhetoric these days. Just note the number of books, poems, docu-dramas, films and songs that have been devoted to the mans politics and personality. Perhaps George W Bush ought not to exit, after all. The Democrats gain will surely be pop cultures loss.

Parul Malhotra

Treasure Virasat
If you are a die hard fan of classical and folk art forms, be it music, dance or theatre, here is a chance to experience some of your favourites performing live. Spic Macays (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth) Virasat 2004 is currently on in Mumbai, Silvassa and Lonavala, with a galaxy of artists performing at various educational institutions. Primarily meant for students, it is open to all lovers of classical art. Limited passes available at Rhythm House, Kala Ghoda. Tune into Ronu Majumdars flute on Sept 2, 6.30 pm at IIT, Powai. Not to be missed are performances by Darshana Jahaveri (Manipuri) on the following day at GD Somani Memorial, Cuffe Parade at 9 am and Bharatanatyam recital by Malavika Sarukkai on Sept 8 at 12 pm at St Annes Fort. And those interested in Rajasthani folk, catch Roje Khan Manganiyar this afternoon at 3.30 pm at the JJ Institute of Applied Arts. The festival will be on till October 29. For more details write to spicmacaym@yahoo.com.