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Updated: Mar 31 2008, 04:14am hrs
Toni Mascolo, Founder, Toni & Guy

One treatment your hair loves...

Just cleansing your hair regularly is not sufficient. Condition your hair well. Apply conditioner liberally on the length of the hair and not the roots. This is one thing that most people dont know. You need to moisturise, condition and soothe your hair.

The way ahead is organic

Use organic products. Natural ingredients are very hair friendly. You need to restore your hair with healthy nutrients. We took four years to develop a certified organic product. And there is now a wide selection of conditioners suitable for naturally dry, chemically treated or hair that simply needs protection. Cupuau butter for instance is harvested in rainforests. It abosorbs large quantities of water and helps increase hair strength, diameter and dimension. Annato oil acts as an excellent hair relaxer and increases flexibility. Vanilla, sweet pea and current gently wash impurities and leave hair with soft body and shine. Peppermint stimulates the scalp to help hair growth.

An absolute no-no for your hair

Protect your hair from direct sunlight. Especially in a tropical country like India. UV rays of the sun are harmful for the cuticles of the hair. Use a protein spray with UV protection. It provides anti-humidity and anti frizz benefits. Its an absolute must-have if you are vacationing.

To arrest hair fall

It is very important to first identify the cause of hair fall. It can be due to poor diet, pollution, stress, and even drugs. Poor diet, for instance, can weaken bond formation and lead to breakages. No hair shall fall if you take care of it. So, the bottom line is dont neglect it. And dont blow dry your hair too harshly.

Does oiling the hair help

I subscribe to the conventional school of grandmas wisdom. Going by that yes, you must apply oil. But it only helps by way of soft massage of the scalp. But then if the quality of your hair is oily, maybe you shouldabstain from it.

As told to Kiran Yadav