MET To Host Vendors Event

Mumbai: | Updated: Sep 22 2003, 05:30am hrs
The Mumbai-based Management Educational Trust (MET) will bring together all the corporates who want to become vendors, by supplying goods and services to United Nations (UN) procurement division. And to bring together such business entities the institute is hosting an event termed GLOSMET (Global Strategic Network of Mumbai Educational Trust) 2003.

Announcing this Mr.Vijay Page,DirectorMET School of Management said:The effort will assist the Indian industry to explore new business opportunities with UN. After China, India is the only other country with whom UN procurement division is seeking a trade participation.

A delegation from the United Nations Procurement Division comprising of representatives of UNIDP (United Nations Integrated Development Programme),UNICEF (United Nations International Child Education Fund) among other entities of UN would be making a presentation to the Indian Industry on how to do business with UN starting September 23,2003.

This initiative comes in the wake of UN passing a resolution to promote industries from developing countries. Businesses from 20 service industry groups that can supply goods and services to facilitate construction of housing,environmental control and flood and disaster relief will be able to gain significant business from UN.

The products and services that are supplied by the Indian businesses have to match up with ISO certification since the standards specified in ISO are relatively compatible with the norms set by European Union.

However,Speed quality and performance will be the areas where UN would expect the Indian industry to deliver effectively,added Mr.Page.

There is a vendorship registration that has been commenced. Already 175 industries and service providers have sought for a registration. The other advantage for the Indian industry being that they could use the business relationship with UN as an entry point to foray into international markets with minimal risks.

For UN, the initiative will aid in getting Indian goods and services at prices that are competitive as per international standards.