Maximising every opportunity

Written by Darlington Jose Hector | Updated: Jan 31 2011, 06:08am hrs
Girish Krishnamurthy is like a cat on a hot tin roof, buzzing with myriad thoughts on maximising opportunities. Settling into a job and spending years together in one place has never been his style of functioning. I can be very unemotional about leaving a place of work. I totally love my job, but if I ever feel bored of it I just move on, says the Kaseya India managing director. Kaseya is a leading provider of IT automation software, head-quartered in Switzerland.

Girish was born into a very middle class family in Ooty where his dad worked in the income tax department. He moved to Chennai to do his schooling. His fellow students always found themselves short of what Girish could accomplish at school, not matter how hard they tried.

Girish used to top the class with ease, and soon he was taking tuition classes for other students. Being so far ahead of the pack, he even started special classes for underprivileged children who could not afford to attend school. Maths was my pet subject. Its the queen of all sciences.

He completed his diploma in electrical and electronics engineering, while continuing to help out peers with his tuition classes. These classes were turning out to be a big hit in the neighbourhood and he started to think of spinning it into a business. And thats what he eventually did. At the same time, he did enroll for his degree course and completed it too.

But his mother was not very happy that he was running his tuition business, without going in for any higher studies. He was not pursuing a high paying job either. Thats when she suggested that Girish take a look at computers. I was surprised by her comment. Even today I wonder how she suggested computers to me. It was a fledgling industry then.

Girish wanted to prove to his mother that he could make a success of it, and joined a firm called IPA in Bangalore. He told its managing director that he wanted to stay back after work and learn more about computers. The MD gave him the green signal on the condition that he will surely switch off all the lights before he left the workplace. But his immediate boss was not aware. In those days the job environment used to be always hostile. No one wanted anyone to do any better.

In a years time, he grew in the company. Not only he did his own job very well, but also formulated a report on income tax loopholes in the firm. That was outside his frame of work, but he could prove to the management that the firm could lose big amounts if corrective action was not taken. His stock in the company rose dramatically thereafter.

Girish moved on, the moment he felt saturated. He ventured out on his own and started a firm called Omsoft which created an application software for chartered accountants. Even today it is a big draw, he says. He also did a lot of work for companies like UB at that time. Not satisfied, he moved on to the US to understand how the industry was taking shape globally. After establishing his network, he floated a new firm called MDC Systems in partnership with an American friend. He sold it later, to join KPMG. He then moved to Talisma, and Kaseya followed soon after.

As we said earlier, its hard to match his career momentum. If theres an opportunity to do something, I want to grab it.

Its very difficult for me to sit still, when I know there is something I could create. This is a very strong impulse within me. All my career shifts have been dictated by this theory.

I try to love everyone, but I can also move away easily from a relationship.

I dont worry about what the other person would think of you. Some may say you are an opportunist, but it is really difficult to explain all your actions to everyone. What is important is how you are acting upon the world, and not how the world is acting upon you.

Today Girish is very upbeat about how Kaseyas fortunes are shaping up. The companys IT automation framework allows professionals to monitor and manage IT infrastructure remotely with a single integrated web-based platform. It has over 6,000 managed service providers as customers.

Its also important to keep ones energy levels up all the time. Even when I land in US after a long haul flight, my first attempt is to beat the jet lag. I rush to the hotel and hit the gym. I run for 15 minutes at least, before I hit the sack, however tired I am. This helps me to keep fresh. I also drink a lot of water, and try to quickly get adjusted to the local timings, says Girish, never the one to lose time on anything.