Mauritius tops FDI list

New Delhi, March 22 | Updated: Mar 23 2005, 05:48am hrs
Mauritius accounted for the highest foreign direct investment (FDI) inflow into India at Rs 38,024.76 crore during August 1991 to December 2004. The total amount of FDI inflow into India during this period was Rs 133,892.85 crore, according to a written reply by minister of state for commerce, EVKS Elangovan, to the Rajya Sabha.

The second highest FDI inflow was from the United States, at Rs 18,048.05 crore during this period, followed by the Netherlands at Rs 7,940.06 crore. Japan and the United Kingdom also figured among the top five countries to have brought in FDI into the country.

Sector-wise, electricals equipment attracted the highest amount of FDI at Rs 16,412.53 crore, followed by miscellaneous industries at Rs 15,797.95 crore. The transportation industry and telecommunications got Rs 12,196.10 crore and Rs 11,235.49 crore, respectively.

The services sector, which is much in the news these days, was at the sixth position among the top 15 sectors, at Rs 9,129.80 crore, slightly lower than fuels, which includes power and oil refinery, at Rs 10,434 crore.

The FDI policy is applicable to all countries, including Commonwealth countries, except Pakistan and Bangladesh.