Matter of national salience

Updated: May 23 2007, 05:30am hrs
The salient features of Dayanidhi Maran’s resignation are four. One, that the PM is reduced to a rubber stamp, unable to select his own team. Two, the cabinet works on a quota basis, in the name of ‘coalition dharma’. Three, there is no freedom of expression, since the crisis was precipitated by the publication of an opinion poll in Dinakaran. Four, our democracy is family-centric, with Karunanidhi thinking of sending his daughter to the Rajya Sabha.
—Bhartendu Sood Chandigarh
Ray of hope
Conditions in Orissa (‘BJD on political high, but naxal thorn a sore thumb’, May 21) are no different from the entire nation, with the party in power trying to usher in prosperity while the opposition and some anti-social elements try to block it. The public suffers in the process. According a World Bank report, Orissa is India’s poorest state, with at least 47% of people living below the poverty line. Your report also mentions that Posco, Vedanta and Tata Steel projects are caught in a jinx. This is a bad omen, as such big-ticket investments appear the only ray of hope for Orissa.
—Priya Nandan

Future bright
If India cannot even get its coal-fired (‘High on power, low on delivery’, May 22) power projects, based on old technology, going, what hope is there for the PM’s pet nuclear power project, which entails global fuel-supply arrangements and several other complications
—Ranjit Parmar