Match On, Meeting Off

Updated: Mar 26 2004, 05:30am hrs
On Wednesday, people from across the country were pre-occupied only with watching the finals of the Indo-Pakistan cricket series. Eavesdropper put together reports from various parts of the country as to how people used subterfuge to stay close to a TV. Sample these.

One government official when asked what time he would be in office very hesitantly said: I am busy call me on my mobile. And when the call was made, the background sound gave his hideout away.

Another one. When a journalist reached an exec for an interview, it unfortunately happened to be the final stages of Indias innings. The execs secretary kept him waiting as she had just put her boss on a conference call that lasted exactly up to the final ball of Indias innings.

Chilled-out Dealer
A Chinese appliance company that recently entered the Indian market has started putting out full-page ads in newspapers with lists of dealers names and numbers.

When an interested party called one of the listed dealers, the voice at the other end, a little miffed, said that the number dialled was of an exclusive dealership of one of the Korean biggies. When the customer said that his number had been listed in the Chinese companys advertisement, he said, What does it matter, youve called the right place our ACs are better than theirs. Whats more he added that ...look, they cannot even get their phone numbers correct, what ACs will they make

Admittedly, this bloomer could be the ad agencys fault, but as summer sets in and competition heats up, companies need dealers like this one.